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Chelsea vs Tottenham: 3 Battles That Will Determine The Outcome Of The Game



1. The battle on the wings

Both sides will use wing attacks during the game. These two clubs utilize a three-at-the-back formation, which enables the full-backs to play the position of a wing-back. Both Chelsea and Tottenham have attacking wing-backs on their rosters, while the other forwards can also play on the wide sides.

In the previous game, Chelsea produced 30 positional assaults. The graphic up top reveals that 24 attacks originated from the wings.

From the wings, Spurs were equally creative. Although they also produced attacks from the center, the wings were responsible for 70% of them.

2. The aerial battle

Both sides will attempt crosses and passes into the penalty area of the opponent due to the competition on the flanks. Players that can score headed goals are on both teams. In their most recent game, Chelsea attempted 13 crosses, of which six were delivered successfully. Spurs attempted 22 crosses, nine of which were successful. There might be a lot of crossing in this game, which might result in aerial combat.

Chelsea players engaged in 45 aerial duels in the most recent game, winning 31 of them. Kai Havertz won three duels inside the penalty box of the opposition, and he might be a threat to Spurs, according to the graphic above. The Blues have also triumphed in a couple fights inside the penalty area.

Chelsea will struggle to breach the Spurs defense, though. 31 aerial duels were engaged in, with 21 victories. The Antonio Conte defense did a good job of winning the ball inside the penalty area. In key situations, both teams will aim to out-air each other in an effort to create scoring opportunities.

3. Shooting accuracy

The attacking danger presented by these two sides will make both goalkeepers’ days busy. In their prior games, they shot the ball with great accuracy.

Chelsea made 13 shot attempts during the game, finishing with an xG rate of 1.79. Six shots from the Blues found the target. They made more attempts to hit Jordan Pickford’s weak side. Hugo Lloris, the goalie for Tottenham Hotspur, is also powerful on the left side. In this game, Chelsea might employ the same strategy.

In the game, Tottenham Hotspur took 15 shots, seven of which found their intended target. At the conclusion of the game, they had an xG rate of 1.87.

The above viz shows that Spurs players placed the shot on either side of the keeper and were able to find the back of the net three times. They will test Mendy in Chelsea’s goal.

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