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3 Things Cucurella Did On His Chelsea’s Debut That Blew Football Fans Away



Cucurella, the newest player to join Chelsea’s squad, made his debut for the club yesterday in their first win of the season, a 1-0 victory against Everton at Goodison Park. This victory was Chelsea’s first win of the season. The team’s first win of the year came in this contest. Nevertheless, the following three things he did prompted his fans to speak about him:

1. The Breathtakingly Beautiful Cross That He Crafted Out Of Sterling

After coming on to replace Koulibaly in the 75th minute, he almost immediately recorded an assist after delivering a beautiful cross to Sterling, but the winger’s shot was deflected wide by the defender. He took Koulibaly’s position on the team.

The Spaniard maintained his cool for the whole of the contest, which proved to be an essential factor in Chelsea maintaining their lead right up to the game’s conclusion.

2. In an attempt to refute the claims that he had discriminated on the basis of race, he gave the free kick to Reece James.

The new player did something very extraordinary with the free kick that was granted to Chelsea outside of Everton’s 18-yard area when they were given the opportunity to take it. It was only an attempt to beat his racism charges involving Real Madrid’s Miliatao, and he offered the free kick to be taken by Reece James. Chelsea fans, who continued to yell his name, immensely welcomed his behavior, and he was hailed by their continuing shouting. Real Madrid Miliatao was named in several of the charges.

3. He completed 15 of his passes successfully.

It is quite astonishing because he was only on the field for the last 20 minutes of the game, yet he was still able to execute 15 passes with an accuracy rate of 89 percent. In spite of this, he was given a yellow card for caution after kicking the ball away at the end of the game. This occurred near the end of the contest.

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