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Romelu Lukaku Ranked Fifth In The List Of Most Valuable EPL Players



After Erling Haaland signed for Manchester City, the new most valuable players in the English Premier League have been updated.

Here are the top ten listed below.

10. Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Trent is a very talented footballer that plays for Liverpool FC. He is on the verge of winning the UEFA Champions League this season. Trent has a market value of €80 million.

9. Jadon Sancho.

Ever since he arrived from Borussia Dortmund, Sancho hasn’t lived up to expectations yet and that has resulted in Manchester United not making the top four this season. Jadon Sancho is valued at €80 million in the English Premier League.

8. Romelu Lukaku.

Since his arrival from Inter Milan, Romelu Lukaku has scored a total of 14 goals, which is a very poor performance, considering what he did at his previous club. Lukaku now has a market value of €85 million.

7. Raheem Sterling.

The talented English footballer knows how to dominate the league with his goals and efforts to see his club succeed. Sterling’s market value is rated at €85 million.

6. Kevin de Bruyne.

One of the best midfielders over the past few years in the English Premier League. De Bruyne is valued at €90 million in the market.

5. Bruno Fernandes.

The Manchester United footballer is an awesome, creative and skilful player that knows how to salvage a point for his club when needed the most. Bruno Fernandes is currently valued at €90 million.

4. Phil Foden.

The youngster has remained sensational, proactive and talented in the English Premier League over a few seasons now. Foden has a huge market value of €90 million.

3. Mohamed Salah.

His constant display of talents and skills in Liverpool has shown in recent seasons through the accolades and trophies won, which has resulted in his soared market value of €100 million.

2. Harry Kane.

Harry Kane is one of the best players in the Tottenham Hotspur squad at the moment. Harry Kane has a market value of €100 million.

1. Erling Haaland.

After he agreed to a deal for a move to Manchester City, his market value is rated at €150 million.

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