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Premier League Title: Chelsea might win the premier League Title ahead of Manchester City



Chelsea football club is one of the big six teams in England that are considered to be fighting for the premier league title this season.

Chelsea got back to winning ways when they won their premier league encounter against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday, January 23, 2022. Chelsea has won all their four matches against Tottenham this season and won three of those matches against former Chelsea manager in the person of Antonio Conte which is a nice record against one of the title contenders.

Chelsea is the team that uses different formations to play against different opponents, which makes it not direct and easy for teams to predict Chelsea’s formation at a particular period.

Chelsea might play on to win the premier league title at the end of the season because they have played some of the big six teams that might give them issues in the long run. Although Chelsea are still having games to be played against Arsenal and Manchester United, with the current form they possess, they can win those matches, and win other games against other premier league teams to be played, before the season comes to an end. At the moment, Chelsea represents a team that no club will want to play against them because of the way they organize themselves.

Manchester City on the other hand is the premier league table topper at the moment, and they still have the likes of Liverpool, Manchester United, and Tottenham to play against which is not going to be an easy game for Manchester City to win. Another fact is that, Manchester City adopt one method which is the attacking football method in which, a team that defends massively can have an edge over Manchester City and win against Manchester City.

At the end of the season, the premier league winner will be known among the top six teams, and it is left to be seen if it will be Chelsea or any other team.

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