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OPINION: The big decision Chelsea have to make after a January transfer window of likely no activity



Chelsea’s lack of activity so far in the January transfer window that will be closing in 4 days means the next opportunity they will have to sign the players they need would be in the summer. Before that though, they have to decide whether the Chelsea manager, Thomas Tuchel, has done enough to be at the club on a long-term or not. For me, that decision is key to the club having a transfer window that will move the club forward.

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel (Photo credit: Sky Sports)

Tuchel reached 3 Cup finals in his first year at the club which no other Chelsea manager before him has done. He failed to win the FA Cup but won the Champions League, the UEFA Super Cup, and has a big opportunity to add the League Cup and the Club World Cup to it. By beating Pep Guardiola and Antonio Conte three times in a row he has also shown he is one of the best tactically as no other manager has done that.

However, despite the continued success, cracks are starting to show as the team is no longer winning matches that it Is expected to win, they are not scoring enough goals and some players, especially the attackers, are either not happy with his tactics or the lack of playing time. In addition, there is the issue of some attackers getting game time but being played out of position.

All those are problems the club can solve by either backing the manager in the summer transfer window or relieving him of his duties. There is no other way, they must make that decision before the summer for the club to move forward. Not doing anything means it could be worse next season.

Having said that, relieving the manager of his duties will be largely unfair as the club has not given him a chance to bring in players that suit his philosophy. His only signing so far has been Romelu Lukaku who was the club’s choice even though he was happy with it. What he has been doing and did well till recently is fitting the players he met at the club into the system he wants. He should be applauded for it as most managers struggle in that situation.

It took Manchester City and Pep Guardiola two or three years to get it right. The Citizens kept buying and selling players including the ones they recently bought at the time till they had the players that Guardiola was satisfied with. It cost them a lot of money to make those changes but now they are reaping the rewards for backing their manager.

Tuchel’s success from the very beginning means Chelsea can afford to make the necessary changes in playing staff at a slower pace than Manchester City. However, they are too slow about it and that is the problem.

With the January transfer window almost gone, how the club’s hierarchy handles the summer transfer window will determine the immediate future of the club as I don’t think Tuchel will make it past the coming season if the club fails to back him fully next summer.

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