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How Sterling And Koulibaly Will Improve Chelsea In The 2022-23 Season



Koulibaly and Thiago Silva defensive partnership

Age is just a number, as Thiago Silva has demonstrated. The Brazilian has abused reasoning while competing at the highest level for several seasons. He entered the EPL at the age of 36 and continues to play at a high level. He made a rare error in his first game, but since then, he has developed into the center of the Chelsea defense.

Although the Brazilian is still at the peak of his game, many are concerned that depending on a 38-year-old for a complete season may be asking too much of him. He would require a supporter to help lighten the weight and maintain the defense. Koulibaly is therefore the ideal match for the team.

We are aware that the Senegalese have a strong sense of leadership and defense management. As a result, he can take the initiative or work with Silva to offer the crucial cover for the team’s goal. Additionally, the coach may change tactics to assist the squad attack more if they had two powerful CBs on the team.

Raheem Sterling and the Other Front Three

Raheem Sterling’s signing gave the team a much-needed breath of new air. The forward has already accumulated a significant amount of EPL experience. So as the new season progresses, we anticipate him to start strong. Up front, the club has a dependable player who serves as an example for the others.

When playing for the league’s top two teams, Sterling excelled on both occasions. In that case, we anticipate him to contribute his fantastic playing style to the group and aid Tuchel in realizing his objectives for the upcoming campaign. On that front, Sterling would join people like Mount, Havertz, Pulisic, Ziyech and Odoi.

Tuchel would need to figure out a method to combine these guys into a strong front three while still involving the rest of the team. Keeping everyone satisfied on a large team is difficult. Tuchel will therefore have his work cut out for him as he tries to fit Sterling and the rest into the front three.

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