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Cristiano Ronaldo Ticks All Chelsea’s Boxes



Chelsea need a centre forward. You have got two of the best wing-backs in the world of football – maybe even three with Marc Cucurella coming in. They play so high up the pitch. It is not like at Manchester United where you are playing near the halfway line.

You go and play at Stamford Bridge, and everyone stands right on the edge of their box. At Chelsea, Ronaldo would not have to run anywhere.

The amount of times the wing-backs get the ball down the sides, if you whip that ball in for Ronaldo, you are talking about one of the best finishers in the world. You do not get 700 to 800 goals if you cannot finish. It just ticks all the boxes for me.

Can Ronaldo find a new club? I reckon a club will eventually come in for him. There has been a lot of speculation and eventually the player gets their wish. United need to have a structure in place for someone else to come in and be a Number 9.

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